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Joe's Boys - The drawing stages

This is a drawing I completed for a surprise birthday present and the process I used. There are different methods to achieve the final outcome - I chose this one.

Step 1

Obtain a good clear photo of your subject matter.

joes boys.jpg

Step 2

Prepare the drawing in a photo editing program - I also added a grid here to scale up to A3


Step 3

Grid out some layout paper and copy the image carefully. I use this method because it ensures accuracy (and this is not cheating) There is a time and place for freehand work.


Step 4

Complete the preliminary drawing


Step 5

Trace your preliminary sketch transfering via transfer paper (which you can buy at artshops) use a contrasting coloured pencil so you can see what lines you have completed. onto your chosen quality paper.


Step 6

Complete the drawing and use a clean scrap piece of paper to rest you hand on so that you keep the drawing clean.


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