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Vincent Ball Artist


I am an artist and designer, who lives in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, and work from my home studio. I graduated from Loughton Art College with a Certificate of Graphic Design. I have exhibited my paintings in Waltham Abbey and Enfield and have taught at a local art group in Waltham Abbey.


I have pursued a career in graphic design for many years but have kept an avid interest in painting and drawing all the while, selling many pieces. I am making a transition to full-time artist since this is my overwhelming passion and where I’d like to fulfill my life's ambition because this is where my roots lie. I have been painting since a child; here is one of my earliest paintings done at 13.


In my gallery you’ll see many works, some, commissions from photos, others, still lifes, real life, and en plein air (which means outdoors in French). I am awed at the natural world and intrigued by life's characters and this is what inspires me.  My Christian faith inspires me also and I dedicate my talent to enthusing over this tainted but beautiful world, to the glory of God.


If you would like to see my design work then please visit here and to contact me about anything you can do so here.

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